Succulent: To Bloom or Not To Bloom?

Succulent: To Bloom or Not To Bloom?

I have few people asking about dealing with these and some even worried about losing the stressed colours if letting the succulent to bloom. The warm winter this year which means most of succulents are not in full hibernation and if they are growing the inflorescence, this means they are growing as usual.

As much as blooming succulents look amazing, unless you plant to cross breed them or collect the seeds or for studies, I would never recommend let them to grow the inflorescence.


Solution: To Bloom

Forming inflorescence would require enormous amount of energy, that means you must be prepared to accept that the succulents will drain many ( yes many) bottom leaves just to form the inflorescence. As a result, your succulents would not look as pretty as they should be and be aware that they might not even survive after the bloom. I have few customers came back to me to get some repeated plant as they let some of them to bloom.

Echeveria Machu Picchu

so fuzzy that even inflorescence are so fuzzy

I would not usually recommend using plant food for succulents as they are not as needy. However plant food would be recommended if you plan to grow the inflorescence. Just add some plant food into your next watering before and after the bloom. 

Your water frequency should always on 'only water when the leaves look severely dehydrated' basis so it could be every week, 10 days, 2 weeks or a month so there's no specific answer for this. 

Pachyveria Frevel

Pachyveria Frevel

Will they lose stressed colours when they are growing inflorescence? The answer shouldn't be, the growing conditions still remain the same (ie low temperature, full sunlight, high drainage, right soil). I would say they would look tired and exhaust many bottom leaves. But stressed colour should be your least priority. 

Echeveria Raffine

What's more annoying when Raffine decided to drain the middle leaves instead of bottom leaves to grow the inflorescence?

Solution: No Bloom 

I was completely put off letting any of them bloom for the past few years as I really focused on growing them healthy and stressed. Besides I didn't have the time I have right now. So I would normally just use sharp scissors to cut off the stalks. You can remove the remaining bloom stalk once it has gone dry, which would usually take few months to do so. 

Honestly don't let my blog to put you off. After all this is personal preference. I have let some of my succies to grow the inflorescence as I'm trying to crossbreed some of them this year so fingers cross it will work and I might have my own crossbreed for sale in next 2 years or so. 

Echeveria Black Bird

Echeveria Black Bird






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