Echeveria Laui and her cousins

Echeveria Laui and her cousins

Laui is one of the most staple echeveria that everyone most likely to have. It's easy to see why. We just simply couldn't resist the thick farina (white powdery) covering her bright pink (during stress) or pale blue rosette. 

I have been getting many request about the Laui hybrids and I am more than happy to share some of my personal collection.

So let's start with E.Laui


Laui is originated from Mexico. So she loves her full sun but she prefers maximum air circulation. Ideal growth would be during spring and autumn. Her rosette would be tighten and chubby if she's happy.

In general, Laui and her hybrids are quite easy to look after as long as you've mastered the general rules of growing succulents. As majority of them still have a layer of farina on top of them, they are less likely to get sunburn however but it would be quite hard to check the sign of rotten.

In terms of soil type, I would suggest keeping them as 'airy' as possible. Mix some normal compost with some crushed pumice stones/ crushed clay pebbles stones/ Perlite/ Vermiculite. Say 50/50 or read here for my potting mix.  

You should practice 'less is more' watering frequency. One of my favourite method is to delay watering frequency as long as possible until their bottom leaves look quite soft and mushy then I give them a quick 5 second bath (you know soak them in a bucketful of water). Obviously you can only do that when it's warm like over 15 degrees. During cold period, you just have to water less. 

Again they won't go into dormant unless it's below 5 degrees. 

Anyway let's start with some of my Laui Hybrid collection: 

1. E. Exotic ( Laui x Runyonii ' Topsy Turvy') by Ben Zonnenvelt. She does inherit the 'curled up' rosette like Topsy Turvy but she's slightly smaller. If you are a fan of Topsy Turvy then you will like Exotic as she would have yellow stress with some pink freckles. I will be having her by end of Jan so I really can't wait. 

Echeveria Exotic ( Lauii x Runyonii ' Topsy Turvy')

2. E. Bambino ( Laui x Mexican Giant) by Joyce Mueller (Australia). Bambino is really a cutie, she has soft coral rosette and her farina makes her rosette looks lilac pink. She's one of my best sellers and sold out all the time- well I can see why. 

Echeveria Bambino ( Lauii x Mexican Giant

3. E. Brink's Blue ( Laui x Subrigida) by Derek Brown. First of all, Subrigida aka 'Fire and Ice' (any GOT fans out there?) is an expensive breed and hard to find. However the hybrid of these two is surprisingly easier to find. Brink's Blue will normally have blue hues but would change to yellow rosette with pink underlines.

Echeveria Brink's Blue

4. E. Laulindsayana ( Laui x Lindsayana) 

Laulinsayna is actually harder to find compare to Orange Monroe. I was so confused by both of them as they both have thick farina, orange rosette with red tips however Laulinsayana has more elongated with slight faceted leaves with some pale blue tones. 

Echeveria Laulindsayana ( Lauii x Lindsayana)

Photo credits to @katya.succulents

Echeveria Laulindsayana ( Lauii x Lindsayana)

5. E. Champagne ( Laui x Romeo). There are some many types of champagne out there ( original, white, pink and red) but Champagne generally has faceted leaves with pink or red undertones. Please don't ask me why there are so many types of Champagne as how they breed them are still a mystery to me. 

 Echeveria Champagne ( Lauii x Romeo)

6. E. Hakuhou (Laui x Pallida) by Mr Tomizawa. She will grow big so you have to watch out your water frequency. She will get pale green during summer and with a good stress, you can see that her outer tips would be highlighted with cute blood orange colour. 

Echeveria Hakuhou (Lauii x Pallida)

7. E. Derlu ( Derenbergii x Laui) by Paul Neut, Belgium. She is one of my latest addition to my family and her sisters are sold out pretty fast from my store. Anyway they have their signature farina, smaller rosettes but apparently very jade green like. They do stressed to different colours. I have previously received stressed Derlu in pale beige colour and sometimes in cute blush pink with little red freckles. So their stressed colours are still little mystery to me. 

 Echeveria Derlu ( Derenbergii x Lauii)


8. E. Viyant (Cuspidata var. Zaragozae x Laui). A surprise hybrid to me. She is less popular but one of my favourites. She has the sharp claws like Zaragozae but slightly more feminine with her blood orange freckles and tips. 

Echeveria Viyant (Cuspidata var. Zaragozae x Lauii)

Photo credits to @katya.succulents.

Echeveria Viyant (Cuspidata var. Zaragozae x Lauii)

Here is another photo of Viyant

9. E. Ice Green ( Elegans 'Albicans' x Laui). I have to admit I have no idea she is part Laui until I did the research. Her jade green leaves would get super chubby and her bottom rosette will stress to  peaches and cream. 

Echeveria Ice Green ( Elegans 'Albicans' x Lauii)

10. E. Mont Blanc ( Laui x Atlantis). Personally I think she inherits more from Atlantis as the leaves are rounded and slightly concave. The tip of the leaf is round and short, the colours are between greenish-blue with red tips. I have received some of the Mont Blanc in all pale blue form with red tips. 

Echeveria Mont Blanc ( Lauii x Atlantis).

11. E. Orange Monroe ( Laulinsayana x Colorata). One of my favourites. She has super chubby rosette (compares to Laulinsayana) and would turn to almost blood orange like with red freckles during stress. Her stress colours are so impressive that most people would remove the top part of farina to allow her freckles to shine through.... 

Echeveria Orange Monroe ( Laulinsayana x Colorata)

Photo credits to @katya.succulents

Echeveria Orange Monroe ( Laulinsayana x Colorata)

Super stressed Orange Monroe 

12. E. Ariel ( Champagne x Laui). I am actually quite surprise that she's three quarter Lauii. She has generally tight chubby rosette with ever changing colours. She would stress to pale ivory, jade green, rosy pink and cream peach colours and with her signature pink dots. She will get some strawberry swirls if you stress her to next level.  

Echeveria Ariel ( Champagne x Lauii).

13. Echeveria Sang-A (rumored of Laui x Colorata) by Kwan Jae Park. The reason I love her so much is because of the story. Sang-A or 嫦娥 means Goddess of the Moon. This Echeveria is 100% Korean but she's named by his Chinese friend, hence Sang-A. She has chubby red grapes rosette covered with a layer of farina. Commonly mistaken as Ivory (Google translates Sang a as Ivory but you need to understand the backstory of the name) 

Echeveria Sang A (Laui x Colorata)

14. E. Hoshikage ( aka Japanese Potosina) is another Laui x Colorata (maybe different types of Colorata?). She definitely remains me of Monroe but smaller with bright coral pink.

Echeveria Hoshikage ( aka Japanese Potosina) is another Lauii x Colorata


15. E. Cream Tea- Another popular Korean plant however I was unable to find any information about her as she looks almost identical to Laui so I do suspect she's part of Lau due to the resemblance. 

echeveria cream tea

16. E.Toli x Monroe is new hybrid of Tolimanensis x Orange Monroe by Changhee Nursery. I don't have much information about her as Changhee currently doesn't ship to UK but lucky Kate. Based on the photo below she looks like she has inherited more from Orange Monroe, and kind of reminds me of baby orange monroe I once have.

Echeveria Toli x Monroe

Photo credits to @katya.succulents

17. Pachyveria Laon- ( Laui x Oviferum by Kwan-Jae Park, Air Magic) If you are big fan of both I think you should definitely add them into your collection. 

Pachyveria Laon (Laui x Oviferum)

 18. Echeveria Robin ( Vincent Catto x Laui ) by Air Magic. She's actually quite rare to find but of course I have her as part of my personal collection. As you can see she has quite intense jelly jam in the middle. p/s: thanks to James for the information.

Echeveria Robin (Vincent Catto x Laui)

19. E Laui x Colorata. You probably think I've gone crazy since we already have Sang A and Hoshikage but this new hybrid just pop out early this year and to be honest I would this is slightly less impressive version of Laui x Colorata. And she's not given a name yet!

Laui x Colorata


20. E. Laui x Love Fire by Air Magic. This is latest addition in 2019 and I see less of Laui but more of Love Fire.

 Echeveria Laui x Love Fire

21. E. Laito (Lento x Laui) by Hwaga Succulent 

E. Laito (Lento x Laui

22. E. Alhambra (Laui x Pinky) by Hwaga Succulent

Echeveria Alhambra ( Laui x Pinky)

23. E. Deep Purple ( Laui x Subcorymbosa Lau 030) by Hwaga Succulent

Echeveria Deep Purple ( Laui x Subcorymbosa Lau 030)

24. E. Edelweiss ( Laui x Reglensis) by Hwaga Succulent

Echeveria Edelweiss (Laui x Reglensis)

26. Echeveria Missing You- Florence x Laui (by Air Magic) 

Echeveria Florence x Laui

27. Graptoveria Lulu ( Laui x Rusbyi) by Air Magic

Graptoveria Lulu ( Lauii x Rusbyi)

28. E. Soul or Soul Mint ( Laui x Subcorymbosa 026) by Air Magic 

Echeveria Soul ( Lauii x Subcorymbosa 026)

29. E. Captain Lee ( Laui x Captain Hay) 

Echeveria Captain Lee ( Lauii x Captain Hay)

30. E. Raffine ( Laui x Tuxpan) by Air Magic. Definitely one of my favourites, their signature raspberry swirls would pop up if you give her full sunlight. Commonly mistaken as Lapine

Echeveria Raffine (Laui x Tuxpan)

31. Sedeveria Lala ( Laui x Clavatum) 

Sedeveria Lala ( Lauii x Clavatum)

32. E. Sarang ( Laui x Hyalina) by Air Magic

Echeveria Sarang ( Lauii x Hyalina)

33. E. Amazing Grace by Changhee Nursery. This is another version of Laui sp x Hyalina sp. But she's quite different from Sarang right?

 39. E. Chardonnay (Laui x Shaviana) by Air Magic. 

Echeveria Chardonnay (Lauii x Shaviana)

40. Pachyveria La Colombe Venus (Laui x Machucae) by Air Magic 

Pachyveria La Colombe Venus (Lauii x Machucae)

41. E. White Lily ( Laui x Hughmillius) by Changhee Nursery 

Echeveria White Lily ( Laui x Hughmillius)

42. E. Moneta ( Laui x Moranii) by Air Magic

43. Echeveria Love Me ( Laui x Sub Lau 030) by Air Magic 

44. E. Laui x Diffractens 

45. E. Tola ( Tolimanensis x Laui)

E. Tola ( Tolimanensis x Laui)

46. E. Suae ( Laui x Lola) 

Echeveria Suae ( Laui x Lola)

47. E. Arun ( Laui x Setosa v Deminuta) by Air Magic

 Echeveria Arun ( Laui x Setosa v Deminuta)

48. E. Nabile ( Laui x Nanahuku Mini) 

49. E. Peach Candy ( Laui x Raspbery Ice) by Air Magic

Echeveria Peach Candy ( Laui x Raspbery Ice)

50. E. Moondust ( Laui x Lilacina) by Paul Grimm

 Echeveria Moondust ( Laui x Lilacina)


51. Echeveria Laui x Fiona 

Echeveria Laui x Fiona

52. Graptoveria Swan ( Laui x Opalina)

Graptoveria Swan ( Laui x Opalina)

 53. Echeveria White Lotus (Laui x Cante)

54. Echeveria Laui x Lola (different breeder)

55. Graptoveria Lala (Laui x Amethystinum)

Graptoveria Lala (Laui x Amethystinum)

56. Echeveria Lepe (Lola x Laui)

Echeveria Lola x Laui

57. Echeveria Snow Shower (Lola x Laui sp)- the latest 2019 addition by Changhee Nursery

Echeveria Snow Shower ( Lola x Laui)

58. Echeveria Lydia (Champagne x Laui)


59. Echeveria Hyalina sp x Laui - Changhee Nursery

60. Echeveria White Curry ( Laui x Rose Queen) 

Echeveria White Curry ( Laui x Rose Queen)

61. Echeveria Laui Sky (Laui x Colorata Tapalpa) by Changhee Nursery

Echeveria Laui sky

 62. Echeveria Laen (Encino x Laui) 

Echeveria Laen (Encino x Laui)

63. Rutina (Laui x Tina) by Air Magic Nursery

Echeveria Rutina (Laui x Tina)

64. Pachyveria Compactum x Laui 

Pachyveria Compactum x Laui

65. Echeveria Dalpi (Laui x Colorata x Hyalina)

Echeveria Dalpi


66. Echeveria Blood Maria x Laui by Changhee Nursery

Blood Maria x Laui

The rest of Lauii hybrid of which I do not have the photos include: 

Lucila ( Lauii x Lilacina), Laura ( Lauii x Colorata fa colorata), Carla ( Carnicolor x Lauii), Marga (Lauii x Elegans), Lais ( Lauii x Subalpina) by Paul Neut

Anyway I suppose the list will keep getting longer once I have collected more Lauii hybrid. Or drop me a message if you wish me to find anything special. 

Lastly I would love give a big massive thank you to Kate from @katya.succulents (whom by the way has amazing collection too) for sending me some of her amazing collections and did the collages. I'm sure all the readers would be thrilled to see their parentage. 

If anyone has any interesting Lauii hybrids and would like to contribute to this page please contact me via 



I refer to this wonderful article with such stunning photos so much that I’ve added it to my home screen! I’ve learned so much from the information provided and I’m hoping you can answer one question. I was gifted a beautiful laui hybrid called echeveria chloe/cluy and it looks a lot like Sedeveria Lala. Would you be able to tell me what its origin is?


I visit this blog more often than any other succulent related website, such a great post, thank you so much for putting the time and effort into them! Please please please do more!


I refer to this page often! Such a great resource . Thank you!

Regan T

Its amazing lists of lauii hybrid … thanks


what a fabulous collection. Great illustration of all the sublte hybrid differences and wonderfully researched. Thanks to you, I now know the parentage of my Ice Green.
Unfortunately, my Sang-e remains an enigma although it looks much like White Lotus except it is not pink beneath the farina.

Nora O'Neill

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