Echeveria Tolimanensis and her hybrids

Echeveria Tolimanensis and her hybrids

Laui and her cousins article seems to be rather popular so I thought perhaps I should write another one of classic beauty, Echeveria Tolimanensis. According to the ICN, she's originated from Hidalgo, Mexico and first recorded in 1900. Anyway I have my Tolimanensis since 2018 and I have to say that she's quite easy to look after although keep her fat and chubby might be little challenging.

Echeveria Tolimanensis
How could you not like slight beigey super thick, sharp and faceted rosette covered with thin layer of farina.
 Turns out Tolimanensis hybrids are quite popular and to be honest I am not surprised, the hybrids are always full of surprise somehow still maintain her signature sharp tips.


1. Graptoveria Atol (Amethystinum x Tolimanensis) by Air Magic Nursery. This is definitely one of favourite hybrids. If you have been following me on IG you will know I'm basically sucker for Amethystinum and this, omg is perfect crossbreed. She would sometimes look more blush pink but most of them with more beigey tone. 
Graptoveria Atol


2. Echeveria Magic Shower ( Tolimanensis sp x Sarahime sp) by Changhee Nursery. The crossbreed of Sarahime definitelt brings out the best of both sides, the super intense red freckles are practically screaming to look at them!
Echeveria Magic Shower


3. Echeveria Moire ( Tolimanensis x Hyalina) -rumoured to be by Air Magic Nursery. Another cute crossbreed that brings out coral tone. 
Echeveria Moire


4. Echeveria Tolimonroe (Monroe x Tolimanensis) by Changhee Nursery. Her stressed colour is quite impressive if I recall correctly. Tolimonroe is basically like Monroe with slight elongated. 
Echeveria Tolimonroe


5. Echeveria Alto (Tolimanensis x Albicans) by Air Magic Nursery. Another interesting one since the half Albicans somehow bring out the jade green tone.
Echeveria Alto


6. Echeveria Cielo (Tolimanesis x Colorata) by Hwaga Nursery. So cute right? It's like Colorata but with faceted and slight elongated. 
Echeveria Cielo

7. Echeveria Hilltop ( Hyalina x Tolimanensis ) by Air Magic Nursery.  Yes this is same hybrid like Moire but somehow this is more compact like Hyalina.

Echeveria Hilltop


8. Echeveria Lilacine x Tolimanensis - Spanish hybrid. I remember she would stress to quite blushy pink tone. Did you spot the slight faceted pattern? 
Echeveria Lilacina x Tolimanensis


9. Graptoveria Rusbyi x Tolimanensis- Spanish hybrid. Another super cute one it's like supersized Rusbyi. 
Graptoveria Rusbyi x Tolimanensis


10. Echeveria Santori (Santa Lewis x Tolimanensis) by Air Magic Nursery. I remember she would get some red jelly jam in the centre when cold. 
 Echeveria Santori


11. Echeveria Tonis (Tolimanensis x Pulidonis) by Changhee Nursery. Look at that this hybrid bascially carried the trails from both sides. 
Echeveria Tonis


12. Echeveria Black Swan ( Zaragosa x Tolimanensis) by Changhee Nursery. I know the colour are little dull now but she would get quite bold blood orange when stressed. 
Echeveria Black Swan


13. Echeveria Ice Princess (Tolimanensis x Elegans) 
Echeveria Elsa


14. Echeveria Elsa (Elegans x Tolimanensis sp) by Changhee Nursery 
Echeveria Elsa


15. Echeveria Tremolo ( Tolimanensis x Cortes) by Hwaga Nursery 
Echeveria Tremolo


16. Echeveria Presto (Tolimanensis sp) by Hwaga Nursery 
 Echeveria Presto


17. Echeveria Rafaela (Tolimanensis x Agavoides Ebony) by Hwaga Nursery 
Echeveria Rafaela


18. Echeveria Sarahime x Tolimanensis sp by Changhee Nursery
Echeveria Sarahime x Tolimanensis sp


19. Echeveria Seven Knights ( Colorata x Tolimanensis) by Air Magic Nursery
Echeveria Seven Knights 


20. Echeveria Cherry Star (Tolimanensis x Purposum) - by Air Magic Nursery.
Echeveria Cherry Star


21. Echeveria Jinjoohee aka Shinjuhime (Tolimanensis x Lilacina) - Japanese hybrid.
Echeveria Jinjoohee

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