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Little update of ZYING and her plants

It's been awhile since I have posted anything. If you have been following me on IG, you probably would know that ZYING is like part-time hobby but I'm definitely full time mum to my babies, as my husband and I have decided to expand the street food business to brick and mortar (I know it's still pandemic) honestly we are still questioning ourselves... Anyway in short it has been very stressful and hectic life at the moment. 

And I have to say my babies definitely have paid the price. I have more mealies, spider mites and aphids than ever and little part inside of me die a little when I found all these in my plants. Backstory: I left them mostly outdoor and a layer of shading net and avoid bringing them into the polytunnel unless it's raining consecutively, having said that there were many rainy days when they were out. This summer hadn't been great nor bad but it's definitely humid enough to have all these bugs. Not to mention, I lost few plants due to humidity.

These are some of damages I have: 

As you can see these bugs hadn't been kind to my babies, in fact I have use alcohol spray to manually kill and remove them. On top of that I have to use bug spray every 10 days to prevent them coming back again. Based on my past experience, they will more likely to come back again next year... I know right!

Anyway as the weather is getting colder I feel that I can breath a little, finally get the chance to stay at home more often and check on them with my usual routine of spot checking, remove dead leaves, spraying some bug spray or killing some bugs if I see any. The sun is getting scarce and the uv reading is getting quite low since I have removed the shading net since October.

Also it's Autumn now so ZYING is back on business again. Managed to order some super rare babies from Changhee Nursery although most of the plants are finally starting to pick the colours again. If you are still deciding which one to get I would recommend these: 

Echeveria Black Rose x Rubin.

Echeveria Black Rose x Rubin

Echeveria Lilacina x Indigo Mini. Still waiting for her full potential stressed colour to pop out but I think she will be real pretty. 

Echeveria Lilacina x Indigo Mini

The absolutely must get : Echeverie Derenbergii x Black Rose. Who doesn't like chubby mouldy succulent?!

Echeveria Shine Muscat (Dodolee x Rubin), although I doubt the bumps from Dodolee will pop out but the red shiny colour from Rubin is getting more visible. 

Who knew Red Cross could get all red?!

Echeveria Red Cross

Enough of new plants, Iet's see some pictures of my current babies. Most pictures are taken in the morning so you still can see the dewiness on them!

Echeveria Golden Peach

 Echeveria Golden Peach

Echeverie Elizabeth

Echeveria Elizabeth

Sedeveria Blue Elf 

Sedeveria Blue Elf

Echeveria Cream Tea

Echeveria Cream Tea

Graptoveria Opalina with rare freckles 

Graptoveria Opalina

Unicorn Poops 

Cotyledon Orbiculata Ooplhylla

Echeveria Bianca 

Echeveria Bianca

Echeveria Red Velvet 

Echeveria Red Velvet

Extremely intense Graptoveria Orange Sherbet 

Graptoveria Orange Sherbet

Honestly I have no idea about this hybrid. Could be Lola x Monroe or Lola x Mont Blanc? But they have been my one of all time favourite.

Echeveria Lola x Monroe?

Echeveria Amor 

Echeveria Amor

Graptophytum Bluebeans probably should be renamed to be Orangebeans

Graptophytum Bluebeans

Echeverie Orange Monroe 

Echeveria Monroe

Echeveria Colina 

Echeveria Colina

Echeverie White Champagne

Echeveria White Champagne

Graptoveria Silver Farm (probably Wind of Change hybrid?)

Graptoveria Silver Farm

Probably my best stressed version of Sedeveria Cluy 

Sedeveria Cluy

Echeveria Zuiver 

Echeveria Zuiver

 Sedum Clavatum 

Graptosedum Miul- look at how round and peachy they are!

Graptosedum Miul


Echeveria Oderoi- read from somewhere that she's half Pulidonis 


Graptoveria Pebbles - really reminds me of Mendozae hybrid.. 

Graptoveria Pebbles


Echeveria Yakol x Laurensis 

Echeveria Yakol x Laurensis
Echeveria Bluebird or Redbird at the moment....


 That's all for the update. Let me know if you guys like seeing similar post/pictures of my plants as they are at their prettiest and I wish I could capture all the moments! 


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