New addition 2020

New addition 2020

The previous blog on the latest succulent additions to my garden was really popular unfortunately that was back in 2018. I have been meaning to post another one however I have been really busy or procrastinating... anyway this would be the new plants I have added in 2020.

This year has been real mad, I was pretty stressed up when the whole pandemic started; one of my parcels took almost 1 month to arrive and causing the delay, then I tried to use DHL (paid premium fee) to increase the speed but turned out the DHL custom agent had been having trouble accessing to my Peach application and refused to call the Peach agent; plant inspection from Peach agent and not to mention some customers being real mean about the delays.... I almost wanted to shut the webstore temporarily... Anyway I am extremely grateful when you have regular and new customers that have been supporting my small business (please don't stop supporting thanks!).

I am sure you guys know that I have set up a new polytunnel; not big just 8 x 12 feet and I pretty much fill up the whole polytunnel and guess what I still prefer growing them outdoor than polytunnel. Hence you can see most of my videos and photoshoot are taken in garden instead polytunnel.

I think we are blessed with super warm weather this year (so far) although the crazy storms at beginning of the year had ruined some of my plants but we keep getting the heatwave this year. And yes just like everyone else I lost many many precious plants this year. It seems that all my Pachys are behaving very weird this year, I lost most of Pachys hybrids so far; said bye to Pachyveria Flinck, Graptophytum Peloto, Pachysedum Clavatum x Oviferum, Graptophytum Pink Mouffle,... honestly most of cultivars from Hwaga of which it would be impossible for me to get them again as Hwaga Nursery is no longer selling.

Anyway I am trying to restrict myself keeping too many plants for myself this year and most of them are mainly plants from Changhee Nursery and Air Magic Nursery, of course some of variegated babies. 

First up is one of my favourites from this year, Pachyphytum Rzedowskii (Baby Finger) Variegata. Would you believe that this is actually rarer and more expensive than the unicorn poops?

Pachyphytum Rzedowskii Variegata

Echeveria Sinbi Rose by Air Magic 

Echeveria Sinbi Rose

Pachyveria Hayarobi (Hyalina x Rzekowskii) by Air Magic nursery, I remember her stressed colour is pretty interesting. 

Pachyveria Hayarobi

Have been looking for Pachyveria Bubble Candy (by Air Magic Nursery) for awhile now. Would be interesting to see her true colours as I can see there is some red jelly starting to form on the centre.

Pachyveria Bubble Candy

Echeveria Dalpi. This is very interesting cultivar, it's said to be Laui x Colorata x Hyalina... 

Echeveria Dalpi

Echeveria Nari x Sarahime by Changhee Nursery. I know she looks dull right now but if you check her when I first listed, her colours are so pretty. One of first that sold out quite quickly.

Echeveria Nari x Sarahime

Echeveria Hyalina x Shaviana by Air Magic Nursery. Ohh I love her so much when she first arrived although she looks so green at the moment. She would quite blush pink with little curly when stressed.  

Echeveria Hyalina x Shaviana

I remember reading from somewhere that Echeveria Odeloi is part Pulidonis..

Echeveria Odeloi

Got this Variegata Pachyveria Dr Cornelius (Glutinicaule sp), she got little etiolated 

Pachyveria Dr Cornelius Variegata

I have been bugging Air Magic to sell me this Echeveria Sweet Tree ever since I saw his post, her stressed colours are very impreesive. 

Echeveria Sweet Tree

I would say Leemon is slightly underrated to be honest, being part of Lilacina she is currently quite thick layer of farina but the other half is Mundy so in theory she would have some peachy tone on her. By Air Magic Nursery

Echeveria Leemon (Lilacina x Mundy)

Echeveria Pure Angel, another one from Air Magic Nursery. When I first got her (back in February) she has some red salmon pattern (kinda reminds me Echeveria Salmon) 

Echeveria Pure Angel

Pachyveria Amacante, I hope my guess is correct that she is Amazon x Cante as Air Magic Nursery didn't tell me her parentage. So cute!

Echeveria Nr 88 by Air Magic Nursery. Got her back in February and I needed to keep for good luck as 88 is good signs for Chinese.

Echeveria Nr 88

Graptophytum Royal Pretty by Air Magic Nursery. I know for sure it's half Amethystinum but if the other half is Oviferum then it would be like Pelota (from Hwaga) 

Graptophytum Royal Berry

Echeveria Yakol x Laurensis by Air Magic Nursery. I always like Laurensis hybrid, I mean look at the freckles!

Echeveria Yakol x Laurensis

Very new cultivar by Air Magic Nursery, definitely need some time to see the true colours on Echeveria Himalayas but the faceted leaves are good signs

Echeveria Himalayas

Ohh Pachyveria Pink Mamonde looks so pretty when Air Magic Nursery first posted on his IG. 

Pachyveria Pink Mamonde

Echeveria Apple Pie, very cute name. I can definitely see some Setosa on her. i remember she has quite pretty red ruby in the centre when stressed.

Echeveria Apple Pie

Echeveria Black Nail by Air Magic Nursery. 

Echeveria Black Nail

Echeveria Soul Heart by Air Magic Nursery

Echeveria Soul Heart

Echeveria Santori (Santa Lewis x Tolimanensis ) by Air Magic Nursery

Echeveria Santori

Echeveria Rutina (it's said Laui x Tina) 

Echeveria Rutina

Rutina back in March 2020

Echeveria Rutina

Pachyveria Amaryllis by Air Magic Nursery. 

Pachyveria Amaryllis

Echeveria Blanc Berry - could be part Raspberry Ice, do you think the other half is Fleur Blanc?

Echeveria Blanc Berry

Pachyveria Laui x Compactum- Spanish hybrid. 

Pachyveria Laui x Compactum

Echeveria Mintros- could be part Topsy Turvy?

Echeveria Mintros

Graptoveria Albert Baynes Variegata although the variegated patterns are less visible at the moment. 

Graptoveria Albert Baynes Variegata

Graptoveria Amenova (Amethystinum x Strictiflora Nova?) by Air Magicn Nursery

Graptoveria Amenova

Gold Sarabony but an upgrade that Air Magic Nursery told me the stressed colour is different from the original.

Echeveria Gold Sarabony

Echeveria Simulans x Poldensis- very interesting hybrid 

Echeveria Simulans x Poldensis

Echeveria Menchaca x Colorata- it's so rare that I am not sure if I could find this again. 

Echeveria Menchaca x Colorata

The supplier sold me as Sarang. So she's Pachyveria Sarang?

Pachyveria Love Beauty / Sarang

Echeveria Magic Crown by Air Magic

Echeveria Magic Crown

Here comes all the Blood Maria hybrids by Changhee Nursery. Each of them is so unique.

Echeveria Blood Maria x Laurensis by Changhee

Echeveria Blood Maria x Laurensis

Echeveria Blood Maria x Lola by Changhee 

Echeveria Blood Maria x Lola

Echeveria Blood Maria x Lola back in April 2020

Pachyveria Blood Maria x Compactum

Pachyeveria Blood Maria x Compactum

Echeveria Blood Maria x Sarahime by Changhee 

Echeveria Blood Maria x Sarahime

Echeveria Blood Maria x Laui by Changhee

Pic coming soon

Echeveria Blood Maria x Baby Finger by Changhee

Pic coming soon

Echeveria Laurensis sp by Changhee

Echeveria Tolimanensis x Sarahime by Changhee

Echeveria Tolimanensis x Sarahime

Echeveria Ice Crown (Hughmillus x Halbingeri) by Changhee- they would get real blush pink when cold.

Echeveria Ice Crown

Echeveria Tonis (Tolimanensis x Pulidonis) by Changhee

Echeveria Tonis

Echeveria Simulans x Colorata by Changhee

Echeveria Simulans x Colorata

Echeveria Agavoides sp x Elegans sp by Changhee 

Graptopetalum Bernance 

Echeveria Heart's Choice- the bumps are extremely sensitive, they do need the full sun just like raindrops to maintain the bumps 

Echeveria Heart's Choice


Echeveria Absinthe by Air Magic 

These trios are my favourites of the year.. I am so looking forward to their full stressed colours.  

Echeveria Shany by Air Magic 

echeveria shany

Echeveria Pocaring by Air Magic

Echeveria Shakira by Air Magic 

Pic coming soon

Echeveria Baroque (Lilacina x Lindsayana) by Air Magic

echeveria baroque

Echeveria Tokyo Blossom

Echeveria tokyo blossom

Echeveria Spinel

Echeveria Pink Spot- very cute freckles...

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