Tools that I am currently using

Majority of my babies are outdoor and I still don't have a greenhouse as the greenhouse I needed require foundation which my father in law still hasn't got the time to build one for me. 

Anyway I've tried various greenhouses, from £30 to £85. The £85 from here literally torn off due to the strong wind so it's useless to me. So I ended up using wired shelves rack and cover with polysheet using 50mm clips. The cheapest and most efficient way to protect my babies from the crazy wind and rain. 

  • Super Therm Polythene sheet.**- It's super high quality, keeps warm yet allows 90% light transmission.
  • 4 tier wired shelves rack  as their house ** (I currently have 3).
  • These grow lights** are my recommendation as they are full spectrum with additional warm light and white led light besides red and blue lights.
  • Alternatively get UVB lights for reptile- these lights are perfect to stress or maintain the stressed succulents provided they have settled in. 
  • Get a thermostat to make sure the temperature doesn't fall below 5 degrees or 0 degree if you are pushing it. 
  • Greenhouse heater (I like this as this comes with the built in thermostat and  I only used them for 2 weeks in early Jan). 
  • Garden fleece ( I only use it when it's extremely cold) 
  • Sauce bottle- I like use this as it has sharp tip which is easier to water. 
  • Potting mix- see here 
  • Pots- various but I tend to go for 9cm, 7cm and 5cm terracotta pots.
  • Seed tray - little expensive but extremely durable and thick; totally not those real filmsy ones. 
  • Pruning shear- probably not necessary as I mainly use this to prune my maple tree. 
  • and yes I have the mini garden tools too-  but I find the shear, brush and tweezers are the ones I use the most.
  • Toothbrush- perfect to clean and brush off the roots. 
  • Succulent plant food- I only use once a month between late May- November but they don't generally need that unless you are growing Purple Pebbles,  Moonstones or other similar plants. 
  • Bug Killer- I only use this from late spring to early autumn.
  • Sun shading net- very essential during summer. 
  • Lux meter app- it's a sunlight reading that's available for free to download to your phone. And I use it on daily basis to check the reading making sure the succies are not overly exposed to direct sun ( causing sun damage). Ideally less than 90,000 lux


Please note that all these are not affiliated products but I am more than welcomed to get some sponsor here. 


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