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Watering Succulent: Indoor & Outdoor Care

How often should I water my succulents?

Answer: not as often as you think!

Succulents are drought-tolerant plants. 90% of the succulents died due to overwatering but not under watering! If you want your succulent to survive, I will suggest you watering around the plant (not directly) every 2-3 days during late spring/ summer/ early autumn but slowly stretch out to every 5-6 days during cold seasons. Succulents will tend to hibernate during cold seasons you don't really have to water them. However I do have to mention that succulents hate being trapped in the water if your pot doesn't not have to drainage hole. 

Tip 1: Get a pot with drainage hole. Do not overwater. 

All my succulents pots have drainage hole, so this article will be talking about my watering techniques from my experiences. As the bottom of pots are usually filled with clay pebbles, normal soil with vermiculite and perlite and topped with grits or decorative stones (read here for the soil ratio);  I usually water depending on the weather. I will try to expose my succulents to the sun as much as possible so that they will get the blush. Easiest way to know if the soil is dry or moist is using a chopstick to stick into the soil and if there's soil bits coming out then probably you can skip watering. Another way is to get the moist tester (only £5) from Wilko 

Tip 2: Only water when the soil is dry...

As I prefer tight and fat blushing succulents, like the one below or my shop, I only water around her once a week (usually evening) until the water starts to drip from drainage hole. I tend make sure there is wind to blow dry her overnight before she's ready to face the sun again. 

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Tip 3: Water until it drips out from the pot and let her dry overnight

For outdoor succulents owner, always check your weather forecast ( check the most accurate). If you know it's gonna rain soon, then avoid watering them. Secret tips: they do love rainwater as rainwater is slight acidic. I tend to collect rainwater if I know a heavy storm is coming. 

Tip 4: check your weather forecast (for outdoor succulents)

There are many types of water bottle but to have full control of the watering technique, I would suggest a water bottle with pointy tip, ie sauce bottle or the specific succulent squeeze water bottle from ebay. 

Tip 5: get water bottle with pointy tip

If you insist on getting the pot without drainage hole, you can either drill a hole or you really have to watch out your water frequency. You can only water her when the soil is completely dry and make sure there isn't any water trapped at the bottom of the pot/ glass bottle. My tip is to add a layer of activated plant charcoal at the bottom. 

Tip 6: Add a layer of activated charcoal to the bottom of pot (without drainage hole) & watch out for your water frequency


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