All You Need To Know About PRESALE or Special Custom Succulents

Most of these plants are rare opportunity to add into your collection. However sometimes supplier might not have them in stock and do require some time to source them. This is probably due to change of seasons or simply very hard to source.

I will order from my Korean supplier once you have placed order. These babies will then be shipped along with my regular orders which is every month or longer due to current pandemic. Flight frequencies between Seoul and London is reduced to 3 times weekly hence there is huge backlogs. Parcel Force is still experiencing some delays.

Please note that due to most nurseries in Korea are closed for summer therefore all custom plants would take months to arrive.

If you are placing an order that includes in-stock plants, I will send you all the in-stock ones first.

All the pictures from the custom section are for illustration purposes and the actual plants might be different upon arrival. Most of the plants will have different size, pattern, stress level of colours that may vary by the time I receive them. Bear in mind the stress colours tend to change depending on the current conditions the plant is subjected to. I would usually check and inspect the plant prior to sending out to you.

I understand these plants are quite expensive and would require you to pay in one payment and you would probably have to wait for months. But please do understand that means I am bearing the risk of the plant conditions too. For example, if the plants arrive in bad condition or smaller (despite paying the same price) I would need to bear the cost or give you discount.

If this is the first time you are ordering the Special Custom plants, please do message via IG or email to discuss further before you place order. 

No payment plan.