Europe Shipping

As you are aware that Brexit regulation starts to apply from 1st January 2021, UK would now require to prepare Phytosanitary Certificate (PC) as well as plant inspection prior to sending. I could apply for the phytosanitary certificate which cost £25.52 plus inspection fee of £125.

To make it more economical, I could send the plants without phytosanitary certificate and buyer would bear the responsibility if the parcel is held for inspection, delayed or deny entry.

Although Brexit deal allows free tariff between UK and EU however I am not entirely sure if there would be any import duty, VAT and clearing fees. If these fees are incurred, buyer would be responsible for these fees.

You will need decide the declaration value for the parcel. Currently I will only declare upto £15 value of the parcel. If you want me to declare full value of the parcel, you might be liable be much higher import duty as well as further delays.

So if your parcel (without phytosanitary certificate) has gone missing or rejected by upon entry of your country, there won't be any claim or refund made as plants are prohibited items and therefore won't be liable for any claim.

In short I am able to provide two solutions:

1. Send plants with Phytosanitary Certificate with additional cost of £150.52 per parcel and declare full value of the parcel. Your parcel will 100% be detained for plant inspection on your country and subjected for inspection fee, import duty (if any)

2. Send plants without PC with declaration of parcel as gift with value under £15. I am not responsible if the parcel has gone missing/ delay or unfortunately held for inspection (this rarely happens but unless you are really unlucky). 

I understand the Brexit has caused many troubles but if you are really really desperate for rare succulents please consider all the issues above before purchasing from me.