Most of the succulents are imported from Korea. They have been cleaned and disinfected prior to their long travel. I would usually let them recover for like 1 week or depending how soon they start to putting out fresh roots (that's when I know they truly survive their trip). Once they do, I would start to list them online.

As general rules, I will always select the best and healthiest succulents prior to shipping. I will also remove most of the soil (don't worry they will survive). 

Payment Method

I accept Google Pay, Paypal and Shopify Pay which accept majority of the payments including Amex, Visa and Mastercard. 

If you would like alternative payment method please let me know. 

Parcel not received

Most parcels are sent via Royal Mail First class (for plants only) and Second Class (if your order contains soil) with no tracking number. You can upgrade your order with tracking number.

Royal Mail only accept the order as lost after 14 working days. 

I can only issue the refund once the parcel is declared as lost and accepted by Royal Mail. 


I don't usually accept refund on any succulent however if the succulents your received from me look sickly (ie black fungus which wouldn't happen as we will select the healthy one for you) I would be more than happy to refund you.

If the leaves from the succulents are soggy and soft, all you have to do is repot them under semi-moistened soil or do a water propagation (takes around 1-2 weeks during cold weather, 3-5 days during summer) to plump up again.


All babies (sorry that's what I call them) will be carefully wrapped with tissue paper and put into a box lined with bubble wrap or more tissue paper. I will make sure they are safe for their trip. They are very hardy and will survive a long trip. 

Can I combine orders?

Of course you and it's best way to save the shipping cost especially if you live outside UK. I will normally charge £12.95 flat rate for (EU orders) and Free delivery in UK. You can place as many orders as possible and I will refund you for the shipping fee difference or substitute with other plants. 

I'm away from holiday

Lucky you! Yes you still can place order and I will keep them until you are ready to receive your plants. 

The babies don't look like the photo

Oh well, sorry? They are the exact species but sometimes they might lose their vibrant colours due to the travel or simply because I took the photos when they are at their prettiest. Don't panic, you just have to pot them and slowly introduced them to sunlight with water control. Check out my tips on growing healthy blushing babies. 

Can't find the succulents I wanted or special request

Let me know and I will try to find the succulents for you!