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Echeveria Derlu
Echeveria Derlu
Echeveria Derlu
Echeveria Derlu
Echeveria Derlu

Echeveria Derlu

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They could have been so pretty, I mean look at their super mature stems.


All plants will be ship bare-rooted or minimal roots with no soil. They might days or weeks for them to root; they might also dry up some leaves to root, don't worry this is their natural mechanism to root. Please note some succulents might not look their best as they have travelled far but under great care and they will blush again

 Mel's tips:

Succulents loves sun, drought and drainage: 
  • - choose pot with drainage hole,
  • - choose high porous soil (not compost)- ps you can get from my store
  • - they are not indoor plants, hate humidity and high temperature
  • - they need good amount of natural direct sun but if you grow them indoor, must be sure you have right growth light and good air circulation
  • - only water when they extremely dry
  • - be patient!